What We Offer

The Intensives Institute exists to encourage and develop intensives in leadership and executive roles, and to help intensives and expansives develop and strengthen our ability to work together and play to each other’s strengths. When we’re well-developed we can be better, do better, and lead better. 

Why intensives and expansives?  Because intensives have specific and unusual skills that are desperately needed and often shunted aside: things like innovative thinking and brilliance in a crisis. We also have particular Achilles’ heels, like tending to think we’re right all the time, and having a hard time with follow-through.  With awareness and training the skills get sharper and management of the challenges gets stronger.  Expansives are more mainstream but without their steadiness and attention to detail, everything falls apart. Intensives and expansives tend to silo ourselves; when we know how to work together, we know how to make the whole team stronger, together.

We offer a few different tools for getting there.

Our talks run from twenty minutes to about an hour.  We customize to your organization because the role of intensives varies so widely from company to company, depending on the level of intensiveness in the leadership and in the rank-and-file, and of course on the work that you’re doing.  Options can range from straight-up lecture to casual and interactive. Topics include The Hare Was Framed: getting intensives the tools they need, and You Only Think You Want To Kill Them: the best things about the people you hate.

Rates: vary widely, please contact us for more information.

Day long small team trainings give everyone the chance to learn the skills and apply them to real situations they’re actually experiencing. We begin with an overview of SIEF concepts, help each person find their own type and the types of those they work with, and then dive into the specific challenges that are alive right now in your company. Package a training with a keynote for the whole organization and followup support for leadership for depth and breadth.

Rates for trainings: $5000/day, up to 8 participants

If you’re running a division or running a company, one-on-one coaching is where you get the most value. 

As a founder or executive you’ve got specific challenges, confidential and delicate situations, and wild ideas you’re not ready to share with anyone yet…but you need to get out of your own head.  An intensive coach understands the fire in your belly AND helps you keep perspective.

Rates for coaching: $300 an hour