About The Institute

We are the Intensives Institute–dedicated to the development and encouragement of intensives, in the business community and in the world.  (See Am I Intensive?  for more information about intensives.)

Intensives are so very needed, and so very much maligned in our world today.  It is our hope that by providing leadership training, education, and coaching by and for intensives, specific to our challenges and needs in the workplace and in society at large, we can improve the lives of everyone who is or works with intensives–and that’s pretty much everyone, period.

To that end, we also exist to educate the general public about intensives, intensiveness, and the Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework (SIEF) principles which guide our work.  We produce materials in video, audio, and print to introduce people to these ideas, as well as making ourselves available for hire for everything from keynotes to coffee chats. 

The Institute and its work are an outgrowth of the book, You’re Not Too Much: Intensive Lives in an Expansive World, which serves as a primer and is available in print or Kindle through Amazon, or by special order from Ingram through your local bookseller.  What began as a theory has become an identity and a powerful leadership tool.

Our founder, Leela Sinha, is our director and primary coach and facilitator (and author of the aforementioned book); in these early stages she does most of the work.  We are, however, building a roster of other intensive practitioners who understand this material to work with on an as-needed basis.  If you are interested in being trained to work with us, please send an email of interest and we will let you know when we are planning a practitioners’ training.

We are headquartered in San Francisco, in a coworking space about half a mile from the Powell St. BART station. If you would like to meet in person, please schedule an intro phone call so we can introduce ourselves and find a time!  We are not on site every day but are always delighted to meet new intensives.