Talks and Trainings

In an ideal world, everyone would know about intensives and expansives. Everyone would be able to guess at SIEF types. Everyone would know how to adjust for SIEF type differences. It would be as common as introvert/extrovert.


Meanwhile, we can at least get you and your people up to speed. From 20 minute TED-style talks to an hour or two of casual, deep presentation and interaction, a talk is the perfect way to share the information and advantages of SIEF-smart work with everyone in your organization.

Because we customize to your organization, rates vary widely. Please contact us for details.

In the amount of time it takes just to get to an offsite, a talk will get your whole group interested and excited, and give them just enough information to start reaping the rewards: easier communication, lower conflict, better task assignments and hiring, better assessments of potential clients and customers.


Trainings fall into two categories: applied, and certification.

Applied SIEF Trainings

are trainings where your leadership team learns the SIEF concepts and then learns to apply them in ways that are specific to their current or coming challenges. Just as the name implies, we will start with an overview but then apply the ideas as we go, drawing on specific instances brought by participants to explore the framework further. Because of this, applied SIEF trainings are more like participatory consultations than isolated educational experiences. Immediate problems will be addressed in the training itself, with explanations about how the concepts can be extrapolated in the future.

Applied Trainings are one day long, capped at eight participants. $5000


If you already know and love SIEF, and find yourself talking about it to people all the time; if you have just discovered SIEF but already know you want to use it in your work; if you are a people professional and want to understand it deeply, then Certification is for you.

Level 1 SIEF Certification is a five day immersion into the SIEF system. You will learn what it is, what its origins are, how it started and how it evolved. You’ll learn how it works internally and between people, with examples from the participants encouraged and explored. As the week goes on you’ll learn a little bit about human systems and then dig into the ways that SIEF impacts group, system, and organizational dynamics. You’ll learn about organizational SIEF types, and how they work to create or reduce conflict with members of those organizations. Finally, you’ll spend a day applying the concepts and sharing your own inspirations and learnings with one another.

Graduates of the Level 1 Certification are permitted to display a badge on their websites and materials indicating their certification, and to roll the concepts into their own work (with proper credit given). Graduates are not licensed to train people in the SIEF concepts themselves or to certify other people.

The best way to get to participate in a Level 1 Certification is to organize one! If you know ten people who need a SIEF training, or if your organization will fund ten people to get in-depth training, then you can make this happen! Rates and minimums vary based on the specifics of the situation, but the presenter fee is not lower than $25000 in most cases.