The Good Stuff

Resources for Intensives

This is stuff that we have found useful ourselves that are extra specially relevant and relatable for intensives. 

On Creativity

Writing Down The Bones

a book; Natalie Goldberg offers actual writing essays.  When I get completely stuck, I go here.

Bird By Bird

 a book; Anne Lamott “on writing and life.” More philosophy about writing than writing prompts, and yet: note the peanut butter sandwich being Okay, the one inch picture frame, the jar full of clamoring rats. A classic that has worked its way into my subconscous.

On Writing

a book; Stephen King writes about writing.  Again, more philosophical than tactical.  But I find the philosophy supports the tactics.

The Artist's Way

a book; Julia Cameron’s classic.  Twelve weeks to more creating, less shutting yourself down.  Morning pages, artist dates, and permission.

Effy Wild

An incredible creative: Book of Days, art journaling, witchiness. 

Chris Zydel

So what happens when astrology, psychology, and art for the sake of expression get together in a studio with some paint?  Wild Heart Painting Workshops, to find out where you get stuck without your thinking getting in the way.  Also astrological readings and other fine things.

Anything We Love Can Be Saved

a book; Alice Walker writes personal essays and somehow in the process explains things about how to be creative that are too complicated to look at directly, like the sun.

On Neurodivergence


Trauma Geek

Janae Elisabeth creates resources available a variety of ways (including on Patreon) to describe and support folks both with trauma and neurodivergent identities.  Excellent, in-depth, and…geeky.

On Twitter

…if it survives…the #actuallyAutistic hashtag is very useful

How to Keep House While Drowning

KC Davis writes a short and sweet book for ADHD people and folks with other kinds of executive dysfunction trying to keep at least a functional house.  

How To Keep House While Drowing

The Art of Autism

CN: uses outdated language “Aspergers”.  
This website has been very helpful to a number of people I know, especially those AFAB and late or undiagnosed.  

The CAT-Q at Embrace Autism

An inventory that examines the level of masking you’re doing.


Connor DeWolfe

on TikTok.  There are a lot of great creators making content there about ADHD and autism, specifically, but also trauma and a lot of other stuff.  Connor is a good place to start-funny, accurate, helpful.

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The Anti-Anxiety Toolkit


a book; Melissa Tiers’ tiny collection of tacticks to end run around anxiety, stress, panic, overwhelm, and other related issues.

The Body Keeps The Score

a book; Bessel Van Der Kolk’s classic on somatics and trauma.  

Waking the Tiger and Healing Trauma

two books; Peter Levine writes extensively about how trauma is stored in the body and how to heal it.

Complex PTSD: from surviving to thriving

a book; NB: Leela has not read this one, but it gets uniformly excellent reviews and covers ground few other books do.  Pete Walker is renown for this work on CPTSD; he works as a therapist in Berkeley, CA.

Christine Serfozo

movement; In her Peony Method, Christine Serfozo encourages natural movement that brings joy and breath and pleasure to the body, through the natural desire to move. 

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On Trauma and Resilence

On Identity and Anti-Oppression

Dr. Sami Schalk

on Twitter; on her website

 Dr. Schalk is the author of Black Disability Politics and Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at UW-Madison.

Desirée Lynn Adaway

Principal of The Adaway Group, Adaway offers incredible DEI trainings and resources for education around race and racism in the United States.  


Lyndon Cudlitz

Lyndon Cudlitz is an engaging and skilled speaker and trainer who offers organizations inclusion and educational trainings about gender and sexuality.  Find Lyndon here.

Adrienne Maree Brown

Acclaimed author of Pleasure Activism and Emergent Strategy, Adrienne Maree Brown is a poet, creator, dreamer, and activist whose thinking rides the sweet edge between pragmatism and necessary possibility.


On and For Entrepreneurship

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website software (CMS).  For me, just the right mix of flexibility/power/geekery and letting me not mess with it.


From Elegant Themes: Goes with WordPress–a theme that runs on top of WordPress to give me even more power and flexibility without getting into the fine details of coding. Goes on sale a couple of times a year, worth waiting.

Squarespace Scheduling

All the power, integration with Google Calendar, built in billing.


Really powerful podcast hosting platform.

Autotranscripts that are much easier to edit than typing from scratch

ClickUp and Notion

Project management so you don’t have to remember everything.  ClickUp integrates well with Google products; Notion is my brain dump/bookmark file/link storage. Resources for other things go there, but it’s incredibly powerful and can do almost everything except an easy, uncomplicated calendar link.