The Intensives Institute


Imagine for a moment a world where you’re not too much.

And no one else is, either.

Imagine the wild-eyed radical gifts being as glorious as the steady, even, thoughtful ones.

Imagine imagination getting the same credibility as data.

Imagine founders who imagine the unimaginable gathering, collaborating, and bringing the impossible to life.

Imagine all that skill and talent and brilliance and possibility being used for the good of your company.  And for the good of the world.

Imagine The Intensives Institute.

Founded in a fit of inspiration, the Institute is the reification of a world where intensiveness is enjoyed and supported and integrated and accounted for, and where good ethics are understood to be good business.  We are old-fashioned about responsibility and bleeding edge about potential and our favorite question is “why not?”

…but we mean it.  Why not is an important thing, rooted in community and accountability and building a different kind of profitable world, the kind where workers and owners profit, the kind where accessibility matters, the kind where integrity is foremost.  When the why-nots are answered, then the project soars.  We teach the charismatic, brilliant people–and their people–how to access the genius that’s right in front of them…and then use that power for good.  Join us.

Good ethics are good business.

A Place for Intensives
…and those who know them.



Rev. Leela Sinha

I’m a storyteller, a painter of worlds, the wizard you need to meet in the woods so you learn to use your magic without blowing up everything around you.  

After a childhood with one stable address and theoretically clear goals, I tossed everything in the air to find out what needed to happen instead.  I moved to the Midwest for college, and since then I’ve been in IT, theater tech, fine woodworking, bodywork, coaching, bread baking, and a half dozen other things. I’ve lived in France, Portugal, India, Canada, and across the northern US, with and without partners, with and without housemates, with and without a clear direction. 

Since founding The Intensives Institute I’ve gotten clear on the mission, the vision, and the goal: to give intensives a space (and a world, let’s be real) where we can flourish and use our power for good.  Now I get to do it, and you get to do it with me.

And yes, the reverend is real.


All. Of. You.

Who would you be, what would you do, if you knew you were really, truly, 100% not too much?

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