Founder Powers: the workshops

Founder Powers: for leaders who work fast, have big vision, and wish everyone else would keep up!  Less burnout, great teams, happy clients, longer runway, MORE TIME.

What: A workshop series for intensive leaders who want power, leadership, and influence that .works.

When: Next Workshop TBD

Topic: Leadership and Power

Topic: Community, Connection, and Power

Topic: Power, ethics, and the power of ethics.

Topic: Understanding Differences

Intensives tend to be lots of things: we’re brilliant, impatient, audacious, creative, spontaneous, excited, big energy people. Sometimes we’re also other things: dedicated, quiet, introverted.

Some people have trouble understanding us, some people admire us, lots of people do both. To be fair, we have trouble understanding THEM too, sometimes.

As leaders, we do best when we can understand the people around us and what they need. The intensives, usually we get them but sometimes we clash.

Everyone else is a little harder to comprehend:
Why can’t they keep up?
Why don’t they understand?
Why won’t they take a chance?

Luckily, it’s not random, and you’re not stuck–you have great people and great chance to cultivate a balanced team AND get your own needs met.

…yeah, remember those?

You need what you need. And the more people you have around you the harder it seems to balance their needs and yours. You can have your needs met though, and theirs too, AND do the best thing for your organization. All at once.

At the workshop we’ll do some didactics around the exact (super)powers of founders and how to understand and leverage them well, and what other kinds of brilliance you’ll be wanting. Then we’ll do exercises to apply the theory, with hands-on conversations and questions. Be sure and bring yours.

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